Testimonial: Taking a big leap into the unknown

Dear Potential Client: 

ReSTART has changed my life for the better in more ways than I have time to relate to you. But, I have to admit, at first I was hesitant to take this big leap into the unknown. My hope is that, with this letter, I'll allay some of your fears and concerns.

As someone who has been struggling with Internet addiction for a long time, I was always extremely sensitive with regard to handing over "control" of any parts of my life to someone else. At first, I thought coming to reSTART would be a loss of freedom, in a way in which I wouldn't be able to handle. However, after much contemplation, I realized that attending reSTART would be the first truly free choice I had made in a very long time; it dawned on me that for many years I had been a slave to my computer. All of my interests and ambitions had been sucked in by this black hole, and I was the equivalent of a mindless zombie. Attending reSTART to improve my life was a CHOICE; a choice that to this day I'm proud of myself for having the courage to make. I now feel freer than ever before.

Another concern I had was that I wouldn't be able to measure up to my peers. I was very aware of the fact that, as a result of withdrawing from society for a number of years, a lot more than just my social skills were stunted. The idea of having to "cook a real meal" felt like a living nightmare. Having to "clean bathrooms," as well as other mundane tasks that I knew someone my age should be able to complete without even having to think, felt like they'd give me ulcers. But reSTART helped me ease into these tasks, and I've never once been made to feel like a lesser human being for any of the questions I've asked.

Lastly, the wall of denial was extremely hard to break down. If you're reading this, you probably know you have an Internet addiction problem, just as I did. But denial for me, and possibly you, manifested itself in my belief that I could turn over a new leaf on my own. I hoped that one day I'd wake up in the morning and suddenly begin to live a new, healthy lifestyle, but every day I woke up in the same reality. I thought that I could regulate my gaming use on my own, but I was proven wrong on every occasion in which I tried. As I've learned at reSTART, addictive patterns physically change the composition of your brain. It's not a willpower problem or character defect, and there are no easy solutions.

Take a moment of honest, open reflection, and ask yourself if you can truly stop your addiction on your own. If you think you can, look objectively at your past attempts to do so – why do you think it will be different if you keep trying the same tactics? If you admit that you need help, talk to Cosette and Hilarie and see how reSTART can benefit you and your future. Also, if you decided you need help, take a moment to cherish this victory; don't view it as a defeat.

Satisfied reSTART Client,