Testimonial: Taking a big leap into the unknown

Dear Potential Client: 

ReSTART has changed my life for the better in more ways than I have time to relate to you. But, I have to admit, at first I was hesitant to take this big leap into the unknown. My hope is that, with this letter, I'll allay some of your fears and concerns.

As someone who has been struggling with Internet addiction for a long time, I was always extremely sensitive with regard to handing over "control" of any parts of my life to someone else. At first, I thought coming to reSTART would be a loss of freedom, in a way in which I wouldn't be able to handle. However, after much contemplation, I realized that attending reSTART would be the first truly free choice I had made in a very long time; it dawned on me that for many years I had been a slave to my computer. All of my interests and ambitions had been sucked in by this black hole, and I was the equivalent of a mindless zombie. Attending reSTART to improve my life was a CHOICE; a choice that to this day I'm proud of myself for having the courage to make. I now feel freer than ever before.

Another concern I had was that I wouldn't be able to measure up to my peers. I was very aware of the fact that, as a result of withdrawing from society for a number of years, a lot more than just my social skills were stunted. The idea of having to "cook a real meal" felt like a living nightmare. Having to "clean bathrooms," as well as other mundane tasks that I knew someone my age should be able to complete without even having to think, felt like they'd give me ulcers. But reSTART helped me ease into these tasks, and I've never once been made to feel like a lesser human being for any of the questions I've asked.

Lastly, the wall of denial was extremely hard to break down. If you're reading this, you probably know you have an Internet addiction problem, just as I did. But denial for me, and possibly you, manifested itself in my belief that I could turn over a new leaf on my own. I hoped that one day I'd wake up in the morning and suddenly begin to live a new, healthy lifestyle, but every day I woke up in the same reality. I thought that I could regulate my gaming use on my own, but I was proven wrong on every occasion in which I tried. As I've learned at reSTART, addictive patterns physically change the composition of your brain. It's not a willpower problem or character defect, and there are no easy solutions.

Take a moment of honest, open reflection, and ask yourself if you can truly stop your addiction on your own. If you think you can, look objectively at your past attempts to do so – why do you think it will be different if you keep trying the same tactics? If you admit that you need help, talk to Cosette and Hilarie and see how reSTART can benefit you and your future. Also, if you decided you need help, take a moment to cherish this victory; don't view it as a defeat.

Satisfied reSTART Client,



I chose to change my life


omelet“I’ve learned a lot while I’ve been here at reSTART. I can now crack and egg with one hand. I can play a handful of songs on the piano. I now know the basics of camping, and 101 things about neuroscience I didn’t know before. I’ve witnessed and even felt the effects of healthy eating and regular exercise. I’ve learned how to sit mindfully and meditate. I’ve been taught, or more often taught myself all of these things and much, much more, but reSTART has also helped me remember so many things I once knew but forgot. My passion for reading and chess. How incredibly fascinating scientific discovery and research can be. How good it feels to help mentor someone else. What a fun environment swing dancing is. How rewarding it is to teach myself something new and to really try and master something as simple as cooking an omelet rather than just going through the motions. But most of all, reSTART was a place to escape from my depression. It gave me time in a low stress environment to explore and pursue interests. It served as a symbol and constant reminder of my own choice to change my life. It has added ambition and drive to what was before just dreams and longing. It has reminded me of all I have to offer the world and encouraged me to reach out and make opportunities even if they aren’t there to begin with.”

Andrew, Former reSTART client, October 21, 2011


Basically, it's pretty dang awesome

Hi Cosette!

Just wanted to give you a quick life update. Basically, it's pretty dang awesome - I've been back at school, and at work. I've been making an effort to be more social, and it's going pretty well. For the first time in a while I feel like my life is whole: I've got my schoolwork, and my job, and my friends, and just recently, a girlfriend. I'm a lot happier than I've been in quite some time. Just wanted to say thanks for all the life lessons. Everything is a lot better when you don't waste all your time sitting in your room. And as much as I hate to admit it, Restart helped a lot in getting me to realize that.

Hope all's well at Heavensfield -

PS - Haven't even touched LoL since getting back - even after getting my fancy computer fixed. :):)


reSTART is the first step in the long road of recovery

Impact Letter    

It will be difficult to summarize all I have learned here at reSTART in two pages and to express appropriate gratitude to all those involved in my recovery process thus far.

Each staff member and therapist has his/her unique style and all have been equally affective. From Cosette’s laissez -faire approach, to Hilarie’s subtle yet direct prodding, to Linda’s interactive, non-threatening style, to Ann’s medical yet compassionate technique, to Gary’s hands-on supervision, I feel I have received the best of all worlds, and I wish to thank them all for their efforts and for the knowledge and wisdom they have imported on us all. There is a wealth of information and wisdom here; all that is required is an open mind and a willingness to listen and learn to set us back on the right path to productivity and true personal gratification.

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Doing well, 1 year post reSTART

Doing well 12 months post reSTART

I am attending bellevue college into my 2 year as a sophmore it is going really well. I am riding my horses, taking care of my dogs and am doing well with transitioning into life after reSTART. I also have a boyfriend who I meet 6 months ago it is going well . Was wondering if there are any meeting that restart offers for restart clients after they leave or any type of social events that happen on the weekends ? Hope everything is going well for you and restart. --Calli, October 2011


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