reSTART Leadership Academy

What makes a reSTART Leadership Academy different?

First and foremost, it’s unplugged but not off-the-grid.

Although you’ll find less digital electronics in a reSTART Leadership Academy, you won’t find uninformed, disconnected learners. Students are taught the importance of digital restraint, the gift of mindful use, and how to engage and utilize digital media and technology in sustainable ways. In turn, as students learn to manage their own digital media consumption they assume the mantel of digital stewardship and they pass on these strategies to others.

Learners are taught to be selective.

Dumping an increasing amount of information, data, and busywork onto children does not make them any brighter or smarter. Teaching children how to selectively access data from appropriate sources and how to engage, utilize and apply the data is of greater importance in the digital age than stuffing one’s notebook with search results.

It’s highly experiential.

Children today are bright and knowledgeable, but google searches and high SAT/ACT scores don’t always translate into applicable real-world performance. Mechanical engineers may know the stats, algorithms, and applicable formulas to understand complex problems, but if they’ve rarely worked with their hands or body on a physical project to apply the information they’ve learned, it’s just stats and facts.  Students who know how to access information appropriately and apply it will be in demand as the digital age progresses.

Life is fostered here.

Life is meant to be experienced, not just watched, read about, or engaged in passively through a video game, or on social media. Each reSTART student is provided with opportunities to connect with life in meaningful ways, be it through our farm-to-table program, to take real world events and find solutions, or finding ways to make a difference in the life of others through service.

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reSTART is located in the Pacific Northwest just east of Seattle, Washington | Campuses are located in Redmond, Fall City, and Monroe, WA
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