Admissions Process


Individuals are enrolled into reSTART programs on a rolling admissions process. Each application for enrollment is individually reviewed by a member of our clinical team.


Step 1: Fill out an application for enrollment online
Step 2: Submit application
Step 3: You will be contacted to set up a time for a phone interview

Acceptance Decision

  • Enrollment decisions are generally made within 24 hours upon receiving an application and conducting a phone interview
  • An enrollment deposit is required to secure a place in a reSTART program

Securing your spot in the program

  • Once you've returned the enrollment paperwork along with your deposit, your place is secured in the program

The reSTART Admissions Team is available to assist and guide you through the enrollment process. If you are interested in learning more about specific aspects of the reSTART program, we are able to arrange phone calls with coaches, and other members of the reSTART team.

Is reSTART right for you? Let’s talk. 800.682.6934

reSTART is currently accepting applications for youlth 13-18 years of age and adults 18-30, apply today!

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reSTART is located in the Pacific Northwest just east of Seattle, Washington | Campuses are located in Redmond, Fall City, and Monroe, WA
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