Our Guiding Principles

Our Vision

Sustainable digital media use for people and the planet

Our Mission

Connecting people with what matters most - Life

Our Values

To live life with:

Accountability | Health | Respect | Balance | Courage | Integrity | Passion | Hope

restart values

Our Philosophy

Core person uniqueness

“We believe lasting and sustainable change accompanies an intentional change of heart, mind and attitude. Restrictions, monitoring, force and compulsion will not change the desires of the human heart. We invite -- we encourage -- we model, -- and we explore with others, their hopes, dreams, and aspirations as a means of connecting to what matters most in their lives, and identifying where change may support life goals and aspirations.”

Fostering healthy attachments

“We recognize that people thrive in an environment of love, connection and belonging.”

Real, authentic, and mindful RAM

"We mindfully engage in a genuine way, in the present moment, and without judgement. By creating a relational space which invites reflection, awareness and introspection, the process of personal transformation is cultivated.”

Healing and reflection to deepen relationships

“We appreciate the underlying attitudes, beliefs and experiences which influence human behavior, and walk alongside with respect as people explore the story of their lives.”


“We nurture a sense of purpose and hope for sustainable possibilities.”

Meaningful connection

“We believe positive, healthy human connection supports lasting growth and creates meaning in life. We challenge individuals, families, and communities to engage with each other without digital distractions, and support people in seizing opportunities to live brave, parent with courage, connect with respect, and respond with thoughtfulness as ways of enriching the process of ever-becoming."

Purposeful design

“We believe the foundation for change begins with purposeful program design which is dynamic, fluid, and changeable.”

Caring for life

“We educate, share, and model by example, the tools and strategies which support a healthy sustainable lifestyle.”

Empirically supported practice and outcomes

“We appreciate that all empirically supported work rests on the foundation of a healthy therapeutic relationship.”

Strengthening resiliency

“We believe that resiliency is strengthened through peer, family, community, and social support and collaboration. By providing opportunities for engagement in a variety of areas from social, recreational, academic, work, and community events, to environmental, spiritual and humanitarian arenas, people develop the capacity to maintain change, and overcome obstacles.”


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