• Cosette Dawna Rae, MSW, LICSW

    CEO, and Founding Member
  • Hilarie Cash, Ph.D., LMHC

    CCO, Founding Member
  • Gary Simmons, WFR

    Founding Partner
  • Taurell Reboulet, MA, LMHCA

    Counselings Team Director, Transitional Living
  • Ellen Krumm, MA, LMHCA

    Counseling Team
  • Ryan Duncan, MA, LMHCA

    Counseling Team
  • Rosanne Sherlock, BA

  • Cory Lane, MA Candidate

    Serenity Mountain | Program Manager
  • Brenda Cole, MA Candidate

    Serenity Mountain | Clinical Team

Message from our Founders

Progressive. Pioneering. Different. 

Problematic digital media use, better known as Internet or video game addiction, was an obscure clinical notion in 2009 when reSTART was formed. Thoughts of treating people whose lives were turned virtual as a result of their use was foreign to many clinicians. In fact, many people questioned our decision to treat problematic digital technology use. However, we were not swayed and set out to tackle one of the most challenging social problems of our time - digital technology over-consumption and addiction. Since our humble beginnings, we have brought hope and healing to individuals and families worldwide.

We set out to deliver a client and family-centered care experience unmatched anywhere else in the world in the field of process addictions. Our desire was to change the course of digital technology use through treatment of problematic use and education, better informing users of healthy sustainable use.

Currently, reSTART delivers leading-edge treatment, pushing past the standard care, using best practices to identify the newest treatment options designed to provide the best in clinical care for each client.  For those who are experiencing problemitc digital technology use, we apply knowledge learned to deliver targeted mental health treatment. For those at high risk of developing digital media addiction, we use this knowledge to better screen and provide early detection, and to assist users in managing their use before it begins to manage them.

reSTART is home to the only dedicated Internet and Gaming use program in the United States, providing our clients with advanced treatment options based on the most promising new scientific discoveries. In addition, we offer a sustainable life skills program for young adults dedicated to changing their use of digital media. We are making advances not only in the treatment of internet use and gaming disorder, but also the prevention of it. With our newly expanded transitional program, we will provide specialized clinical care to more clients each year.

The mission to address problematic use issues is strengthened by teamwork. At reSTART, many of the nation's top clinical and scientific minds collaborate to apply the best each discipline has to offer as we work to develop and deliver improved treatments, prevent over-consumption, and provide education and outreach world-wide.

We remain ever committed to expanding on our promise of bringing hope and healing to all who are impacted by problematic digital technology use. It is extraordinary to consider what we have accomplished since 2009, and this is only the beginning of our work together.

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reSTART is located in the Pacific Northwest just east of Seattle, Washington | Campuses are located in Redmond, Fall City, and Monroe, WA
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