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Understanding Addiction

  1. How do I know if my use rises to the level of an addiction?
  2. I'm currently seeing a counselor right now who thinks I'm just depressed?

About Intervention

  1. Is there a resource you recommend that will assist in the intervention process

Understanding addiction

How do I know if my use rises to the level of an addiction?

The fact that you are asking this question is a positive move in the right direction. The first step in identifying whether your technology use rises to the level of addiction is to be screened for problematic use. Early screening substantially increases the identification of a technology addiction problem. Although ReSTART offers several self-help tools to assist you in uncovering areas of problematic use, being properly screened by a knowledgeable professional in the field of technology related process addictions is recommended rather than relying on the results of a self-diagnosis.

I’m currently seeing a counselor right now who thinks I’m just depressed

Research suggests that problematic technology users are more likely than their peers to present with depressive symptoms. Users may also co-present with social anxiety, undiagnosed Asperger’s syndrome and a multitude of other co-occurring mental health conditions. Oftentimes clinicians are quick to begin treatment for anxiety or depression without developing a plan to addressing the problematic use. For our program to be effective, both the addiction AND the co-occurring mental health issues must be treated together. Again, we recommend that clients who are presenting with problematic use be assessed by someone knowledgeable in the area of process addictions.

About Intervention

Is there a resource you recommend that will assist in the intervention process?

There are two resources I recommend to families concerned about a loved one's problematic use and how to best to intervene. For adults, I recommend the book titled, "It's not okay to be a cannibal: How to keep addiction from eating your family alive." It's written from a drug and alcohol perspective, however many of the same principles apply to technology dependence as well. For children, the resource I'd review is by Dr. Hilarie Cash, "Video Games and Your Kids: How parents stay in control." 

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