Every day I feel closer to saying, "I love me"

Three words I'm closer to saying now

Video transcript of one of our clients who had been a heavy user of video games, and sought treatment for his addiction:

Hey. When I came in, I was ready to jump right in. I quit nicotine and was ready to face my issues by the second week. My weeks here have been a roller coaster of emotion. I felt like every session I learned something new about myself. Through mindfulness I learned even more, including self-forgiveness, and where pain from betrayal really comes from--a place of love. With the guys I’ve gotten to know I’ve been able to open up more than ever before and vocalize some of my past I’ve never been able to talk about before. I can now say I’ve gained some of the most amazing friends and support groups I could ask for. I’ve gotten much more fit, and a rise in energy level, and most importantly a rise in self-esteem. Every day now gets me closer to being able to say three words I’ve never truly meant before but I’m closer to now: “I love me.”

Note: To protect our client's identity in the age of the Internet, this client's actual words have been presented by an actor.

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