Our Trusted Educational Consultants

  • Michael R. Balotti, President

    Redwood Educational Services

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  • Tamara Ancona, MA, LPC

    Tamara Ancona Group
    Educational and Thereaputic Consulting

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  • Jeanette Spires

    Educational Placement for Families

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  • Gail Curran, MBA

    Expert Educational and Therapeutic
    Placement Consultant
    Optimal Edu Options

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  • Ben Mason

    Mason and Associates

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  • Linda Lavin

    Taconic Educational Placement Founder
    Educational Consultant

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  • Karen Mabie, Ed.S., NCSP, CEP

    The School Solution
    Where Families Find Support and Solutions

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  • Leslie Goldberg, M.Ed., CEP

    President and Educational Consultant
    Goldberg Center for Educational Planning
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  • Scott Canter, Managing Partner

    Academic Answers
    Dallas Fort Worth, Texas

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  • Joshua C. Doyle, M.Ed.

    Educational Consultant
    Specialized Placements
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  • Sherry Henig, Ph.D.

    Dr. Sherry Henig
    New York

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  • Jennifer Eve Taylor, JD

    JET ED Consulting
    Therapeutic Educational Consulting

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  • Jeremy McGeorge, Principal

    The Bertram Group
    Non-traditional Advising

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  • Dana Doering, ARNP

    Child and Adolescent Psychiatric
    Mental Health Specialist

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  • David Altshuler

    Author Raising Healthy Kids
    In an Unhealthy World

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Dr. Sherry Henig, Ph.D.

Sherry Henig, Ph.D. Educational Consultant

Meet Sherry | Academic-Therapeutic Options: Dr. Stephen Migden & Associates

Sherry Henig, Ph.D. is an educational and special needs consultant with several years’ experience advising teens, young adults and their parents in locating schools and programs that might be beneficial for them.  She assists clients with a variety of issues, including addiction issues (which can involve various types of internet addictions, process addictions and chemical dependency addictions), autistic spectrum disorders, learning differences, and all manner of emotional, behavioral and psychiatric concerns.

Dr. Henig is uniquely qualified to work with families as an educational and special needs consultant.  She has a doctorate in clinical psychology from The Catholic University of America and a postdoctoral diploma in child and adolescent psychotherapy from Adelphi University.  She has over 30 years of experience working with children, teens, young adults and their families, and she has worked in schools, psychiatric hospitals, outpatient clinics and private practice. She has worked as a neuropsychologist as well as a psychotherapist.  Dr. Henig has written several self-help books for children, teens and their parents on issues including oppositionalism, divorce, bedtime fears and social skills.

Related to her work as an educational consultant, Dr. Henig travels extensively throughout the country to personally visit schools and programs.  She travels very frequently, usually several times per month, and has toured almost 200 schools and programs.  She also regularly attends professional conferences and pursues continuing education to enhance her work as an educational and special needs consultant.

Dr. Henig is an associate member of the Independent Educational Consultants' Association.

Dr. Henig helps families locate a variety of settings, including wilderness programs, psychiatric hospitals, residential treatment centers, therapeutic boarding schools, traditional boarding schools, independent day schools, young adult transitional and independent living programs, substance abuse programs and sober living programs.

Visit Dr. Sherry Henig's Educational Consulting website to learn more about the wonderful work she is engaged in.

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Scott Canter of Academic Answers

Scott Canter

Meet Scott | Academic Answers

Scott Canter is managing partner of the Dallas/Forth Worth office of Academic Answers, an organization specializing in helping individuals and families with "gifted, learning-challenged, or out of control youth." As a Therapeutic Educational Consultant, Scott is quite familiar with the complex nature of digital media use and its impact on children and families in Texas and across the country. This knowledge coupled with an in-depth understanding of wilderness programs, boarding schools, and therapeutic programs such as reSTART makes Scott a trusted choice for individuals and parents seeking support and guidance in the digital age.

When you reach out to Scott, please give him a great big hello from us at reSTART. 

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Leslie Goldberg, M.Ed.

Meet Leslie | Goldberg Center for Educational Planning™

Leslie is one of the first educational consultants to ever visit reSTART. Her interest in learning more about problematic Internet and videogame misuse and addiction demonstrates her keen insight into the problems facing youth and adults today. If it's one thing that Leslie knows for sure, it's specialized placements. With over 40 years of experience, Leslie truly understands the needs of children and adults, and how best to realize the innate potential which lies within. As the founder of Goldberg Center for Educational Planning™, Leslie leads a team of qualified staff who specializing in helping individuals and families find joy and success in life. If your son or daughter is experiencing problematic digital media misuse issues or addiction, the Goldberg Center for Educational Planning™ is an excellent place to start. Just tell them reSTART sent you! 



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