Adolescent Care for Youth 13-18

You asked . We listened. Treatment for adolescents 13 - 18 is finally here!

Join us in welcoming OUR NEWEST Addition


For more than 8 years, reSTART has been petitioned by parents and professionals to build a program to meet the distinct needs of today's adolescent youth. We are pleased to announce that the long wait is over with the opening of our state-of-the-art adolescent campus we've named Serenity Mountain. 

In a world filled with endless virtual influences impinging on personal and family connection, we are thrilled to have settled on a location rich in chill, and long on calm. At a time in an adolescent's life when everything seems in commotion, the sprawling 32-acre Serenity Mountain campus offers inspiration, awe and wonder at every footstep - an important aspect of healing. Nature, along with our professionally trained clinicians, assist young people in better understanding technology related behavioral distractions, and the impact use has on them and their entire family. This whole-person, whole-family natural approach to care fosters hope for families struggling to manage a child's use on their own. Located on adjoining properties are two licensed staffed residential care homes, which we call Sky Ridge and Wood Creek. Each home is designed with young people in mind, and can care for a maximum of 8 in each home, for a total of 16. These small group sizes afford a real sense of community, connection, safety and support. 

reSTART offers the following services for adolescents:


Our Intensive assessment phase is designed for a comprehensive evaluation of individual and family functioning and typically runs about 8-12 weeks. During this time, our specialized team of skilled clinicians works with individuals and their families to better understand the complex nature of digital media use, the inherent developmental challenges being faced, and the underlying medical and mental health conditions which complicate a desire to change. Together with the clinical team, a life-balance plan is developed to address all aspects of an adolescent's life.


For those requiring longer term care, our Sustainable Therapeutic extended care program provides year-round support, with a typical stay lasting 9-12 months. Individuals actively being discharged from a intensive primary care setting** are eligible for direct admission into the sustainable therapeutic program. 

reSTART's comprehensive integrated youth and family treatment approach includes:

  • A safe, warm and friendly environment designed to feel like home
  • Onsite mental health services with interdisciplinary providers specializing in co-occurring conditions
  • Personalized educational and academic programs to meet individual needs 
  • Mind body therapies (e.g., yoga, mindfulness, biofeedback) shown to improve emotional and behavioral concerns
  • Family support and coaching
  • An expansive campus for exploration, learning and personal growth
  • Specialized understanding of problematic digital media use and Internet gaming disorder
  • Connection with continuing care resources


reSTART's in-depth life-balance planning process assists individual's in understanding the intricate nature of screen addiction, and helps users identify the risks and benefits of sustainable use, potential relapse obstacles, and the family and community connections needed to maintain a healthy sustainable lifestyle. 


* Although we have been petitioning the stakeholder's responsible for inclusion of Internet Gaming disorder (IGD) in the APA's Diagnostic and Statistical manual (DSM-5) which is used by insurance providers in processing claims since 2009, IGD remains a condition of further study. Sadly, this means there is no insurance coverage for this condition.  Therefore, Serenity Mountain is a private pay facility and is not able to accept insurance at this time.

** Intensive primary care as used here refers to an individual being discharged from a wilderness program, or other residential treatment center, and not a person who recently spent a few days in a hospital.

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