Coaching Support Program

Coaching Support (for 24 months after program completion)

Aftercare is the responsibility of the client and the family. A personally designed healthy living program will be developed between the reSTART team and the client prior to program completion. Clients who adhere to and follow their own life balance plan after finishing the program report higher rates of success compared to those who do not follow their plans.

For Participants

Each reSTART participant is invited to engage in the following recovery programs to maintain the recovery established while in the program.

  • Participants are encouraged to start an Internet and Technology Addiction Anonymous fellowship group in their hometown. If participants are unable to start their own group, they are encouraged to attend a fellowship group in their area such as:

Double Trouble in Recovery Support Group

Internet and Technology Addiction Anonymous

Online Gamers Anonymous (OLGANON)

  • Participants are encouraged to maintain an ongoing relationship with an individual therapist (with a background in addictions) to promote lasting recovery.
  • Each program graduate is encouraged to contract with a "recovery buddy." This ahould be a trusted friend or associate who is willing to hold you accountable for your online behavior once leaving the program.
  • Participants are also connected to reSTART's alumni online support options

For Parents and Significant Others 

  • Attend regular counseling sessions with an individual therapist (one with an understanding in addiction).
  • Attend Online Gamer's Anonymous (OLGANON) meetings

  • Connect with other parents through reSTART's online alumni parent support network

Preparing the Environment

One of the main requirements of an effective after care program is a willingness to set up the home environment to be therapeautically safe for the participant's return. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Installation of an internet monitoring program such as Covenant Eyes and/or Spectorsoft.

  • Establishment of healthy boundaries

Additional Resources

reSTART is in the process of developing a nationwide referral and resource directory. Providers interested in being listed in our directory are encouraged to contact reSTART.

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