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Discovery Quest Life Coaching

Participants begin each day with a personal discovery session. Group work focuses on the "Power Processes" which fosters an understanding of what participants want out of life by examining choices, focusing attention, looking for answers, contributing and defining one's own personal values and charting their life purpose. This very comprehensive life curriculum assists participants in improving their lives. Group work consists of self-discovery exercises meant to examine and vision a life filled with greater meaning and fulfillment.

Life Skills Experiential Coaching

Each afternoon at mid-day, participants join together in reviewing the basic components of launching a productive and fulfilling life. Topics of discussion include the core basics, such as: good nutrition, balanced eating, developing better sleep habits, and making healthy lifestyle choices. Participants actively engage with the indoor and outdoor environment taking care of the property and animals, cooking meals, doing  their own laundry, meal planning and shopping, budgeting, and financial planning.

Health and Fitness

Mornings begin with fitness classes designed to connect users to a healthier lifestyle.

Vocational/Career Highlights

Guest speakers visit the center to share highlights of various career choices and opportunities. Trained professional staff teach young people various hands-on trade skills in the field of construction, landscaping, and household repairs. Participants spend time in work therapy programs designed to build stamina, increase strength and foster resilience.

Evening Reflections

Group members gather several times per week in the evening to connect with each other and process their experiences.

Individual and Group Therapy

Each participant receives one-to-one individual therapy with professionals in the field of addiction recovery. Group work is ongoing and is an integral part of the daily program.

12-Step Internet Addiction Group Work

Internet and Technology Addiction Anonymous (ITAA) Groups meet each week at the Retreat Center. Review the 12-steps for Internet Addiction Anonymous.

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